Novel Tradition Foods PC is an Athens based company that specializes in the production and marketing of rock samphire products.


We produce our own rock samphire close to the shores of the Ionian Sea in considerable quantities and excellent quality. We are thus able to provide our customers with fresh rock samphire from April to December and brined rock samphire all year round. Our prices are reasonable and we are open to developing any new rock samphire products our customers may require.


Novel Tradition aims to reintroduce rock samphire to the culinary world, as a plant that is unique both botanically (Crithmum is a genus of flowering plant with the sole species Crithmum Maritimum) and in terms of taste, aroma and properties. Its reintroduction to our tables will bring a real increase in the diversity and culinary quality of our food choices; rock samphire is an ingredient which, compared to its total caloric content, has extremely high nutrient density.



We have set up a strategic partnership with Kozat SA, a Greek exporting company established in 1929, which processes and packages our products. Kozat produces and markets vegetables and olives, as well as a host of specialty items, such as grilled vegetables and sauces. The company has a BRC and an ISO 22000 certification.



In 2016 our company began exporting its products to the US, England, Austria, Germany, Holland and Finland.

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